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Medical Website Design

Your website is your practice’s #1 digital marketing asset, and a reflection of your trained aesthetic eye. The web design should be attractive, responsive and clean, while the content should explain each of your services in a clear, informative and engaging manner. Most importantly, the pages must convert – take your site visitor from viewing your pages to booking an appointment. Learn more →

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Medical SEO

Over 8 Million Google searches occur for a Dermatology each year in the U.S. In addition, Dermatologist Near Me received 135,000 searches each month. We can help new patients find your website through targeted search engine optimization. We will focus on increasing your website’s search rankings for specific keywords. Learn more →

Medical Advertising

Google Ads and social media ads boost organic traffic we will build through SEO. We can target prospective patients in your local area searching for your services with a monthly ad budget you feel comfortable with. We will work to optimize the ads to improve performance, and we will show you the ROI through monthly reporting. In addition to digital advertising, we also advise practices on traditional advertising like print, and television. Learn more →

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social media for doctors

Social Media for Doctors

With 2.93 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2022, Meta’s Facebook is the most used online social network worldwide. Not far behind is Meta’s Instagram which had 1.21 billion monthly active users in 2021. Through our social media management, we can help you connect with the people who are looking for your services. We can also advertise targeting people in your demographic in your area. Learn more →

Medical Reputation Management

More than 95% of the patient population consider online reviews to be an important aspect of their decision-making process, with 40% of them refusing to visit providers with poor reviews.   A negative online review can be very damaging to a medical practice. We can help you manage and protect your dermatology practice’s excellent reputation. We help practices with reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp, as well as sites like ZocDoc and RealSelf. Learn more →


Grow Your Med Spa with Med Spa Marketing

Is your Medical Spa struggling to gain traction with your marketing? Then, you may benefit from help from a professional digital marketing agency! These professional services are strategically centered around your Med Spa, helping you create the content necessary to catch attention and retain clientele.

Before spending more money on your marketing campaign or ineffective online ads, take a second to consider an alternative solution – creating a partnership with a professional digital marketing agency that focuses on helping your Med spa business grow. Together, success can be simple by using a few proven strategies!

Is Your Med Spa Website Built to Convert?

Your website is often the first thing clientele see when interacting with your brand. Therefore, your design and content should reflect the message you want the brand to portray while generating attention and attracting new business. Is your current website appealing enough to grab the person’s attention as soon as they land on your homepage? At first glance, your site should quickly grab their attention and draw them in using valuable dermatological content. These are elements necessary to build a relationship and positive rapport by utilizing educational means and remarkable value.

SEO Basics for Med Spa Marketing

One of the most powerful tools any business can own when building an online presence is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google and other search engines use algorithms to collect data, and to rank on these, your SEO strategy must be on par with the algorithmic guidelines established by the engine. To rank, your site must have the content necessary to catch the attention of these algorithms – especially if you want to appear high in searches.

As a med spa, you should be using a marketing strategy rich in SEO if you want to rank above your competitors. Incorporating your location is also vital when creating this strategy because people often search terms like “Med spa near me,” Having your location and connection to Google Maps is crucial for being seen.

By hiring a professional digital marketing agency, you gain a strategy that is not only rich in SEO but incorporates your industry keywords into your content. These professionals also utilize backlinks, content marketing strategies, meta titles and descriptions, alt tags, and more in your strategy. Through these, your business will begin a better engagement and relationship with users by ranking higher on search engines.

Incorporating PPC Med Spa Advertising on Google

To stand out from your competition, it may take more than just a solid and infallible SEO marketing strategy – you may need to incorporate PPC (pay-per-click) ads. Paid marketing strategies using Google PPC ads can allow your Med spa to stand out against competitors and achieve higher results than an organic marketing campaign alone.

PPC ads on Google require a financial investment . These ads are created to integrate with your Med spa’s overall marketing plan and present your business to those searching for dermatologists or dermatological services. Another advantage of using this type of advertising is introducing retargeting ads to previous site visitors – keeping your medical spa at the top of their minds and often boosting your revenue.

Med Spa Marketing through Social Media

The number of users online with social media accounts is growing daily. People use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with friends and family or interact with posts on their feeds. Creating a social media presence for your medical spa is a free and targeted way of connecting with users and establishing your brand’s presence in the community. A professional digital marketing agency has the tools available to seamlessly manage social media accounts, providing timely updates to facilitate new recruitment and engage your current client base.

Social Media Marketing Ads for Med Spa on Facebook and Instagram

Utilizing a Med spa advertising marketing strategy on social media can be effective. These ads put your brand in front of users who have shown an interest in Med spa services. They can also be used to specifically target those who have visited your site in the past. Therefore, an important pillar in your marketing structure is including effective social media ad campaigns that include retargeting and geotargeting to reach those searching for Med spa services in your area.

Maintaining Your Provider Listings and Reputation

To build and grow your business, you must first gain the community’s trust. How do you do this? Each potential client needs to know that you have their best interests at heart, and they should feel safe entrusting the care of their skin to your med spa. The way you present yourself and make your client feel says a great deal about your medical spa.

You want your business to thrive, and a vital part of this is customer satisfaction. When your clients have a positive experience after visiting your medical spa, they are likely to return and refer you to others. Some of the best advertising is done by word of mouth – through reviews and in social circles (including social media).

Maintaining your integrity includes having accurate information out there for clients searching for your med spa. For example, did your offices move recently? Forgetting to update these listings can be devastating to a client who tries to visit your office only to find it has moved to another location without any knowledge or a lack of accurate business listings. With a professional digital marketing agency handling your information, provider listings can be kept up-to-date and accurate so that potential clients can find your medspa and learn more about your services.

Reignite Interest by Staying in Touch

When your clients are satisfied and engaged, they can be a great compliment to your marketing efforts. But, like any other positive experience, the memory of it can fade with time, requiring your medical spa to “reawaken” interest in former clients. After all, they chose you and your services once before, making them more likely to respond than a new lead. Your marketing strategy should include nurturing these former clients as much as it brings in new ones.

A professional digital marketing agency can help you do just that, nurture your former clients by using specific outreach, email campaigns, newsletters, SMS messaging, and other communication methods to keep them in the loop on your med spa. Your former clients can learn about new services, promotions, and more through these avenues – reawakening their interest in your business.

Creating Long-term Nurture Campaigns and Lead Follow-ups

Much like keeping former clients engaged, you must utilize campaigns to prevent new leads from slipping through the cracks. One of the biggest mistakes made by businesses trying to create marketing strategies is focusing too much on one area and neglecting another – your Med spa’s marketing campaign is more than just a short-term advertisement or promotion and should be treated as such. As a dermatologist, you should strive to establish a long-term relationship with clients, not just in the interim.

Cultivating long-term success requires small investments in your business over time, but these investments are crucial in maintaining and growing your share of the Med spa industry. Statistics show that follow-up emails sent from businesses can help increase revenue, but this often gets overlooked when trying to accomplish marketing on your own.

Professional digital marketing agencies work with you to create a custom lead follow-up and long-term nurture campaign that helps eliminate the chances of your new leads slipping through your fingertips. These campaigns often include emails, text messages, and other forms of communication that are highly effective and handled completely by the agency.

Content Creation for Med Spa Marketing

As we said initially, your website is the first interaction your client is likely to have with your med spa. Therefore, the content you present on your site should display your expertise and how your medical spa is involved in the community. A well-structured (SEO-friendly) Med spa website can benefit new, existing, and former clients. Besides the traditional role your site plays in promoting services and procedures, it can be a tool used to keep clients coming back to learn about the latest and most innovative information on skin care, Med spa, and overall health.

Another unique use for your website is facilitating and promoting positive client reviews. When you have a positive and inviting website, it can prompt clients to share their reviews of your medical spa, which may also include resolving complaints in a constructive and friendly manner. This gesture shows that your med spa is not only attentive but also caring in any matter.

Incorporating content on your site consistently (as little as two blog posts a month) can help keep your site from being seen as static – Google loves sites that are fresh, engaging, and maintain an active presence online. Blogs are also a great way to create engagement with your clients – they help educate, create inclusion, and often talk about complex topics in the med spa world.

Campaigns for Med Spa Patient Education

In-office and online patient education events are an effective way of gaining exposure for your med spa. When you captivate your audience with in-person or “live” demonstrations and discussions, they are often more inclined to buy.

The first step to marketing these types of educational events requires an aggressive approach – sending multiple targeted emails and ads to existing and potential clients. There are other creative means of advertising such events, including your local Chamber of Commerce or an online event coordinator like Eventbrite. Within your Med spa marketing advertisements for the event, you need to make sure your call-to-action is to sign up for the event.

Once you have clients signing up for your promoted event, you have to remind those clients to attend. Strategic marketing for your Med spa’s event will include emails, text messages, and other forms of direct communication. These are often sent after they sign up for the event and then at pre-determined intervals before the event takes place – one week, two days, the day before, and a few hours before.

Your call-to-action needs to be compelling in every marketing approach for your event. Your goal is to get people to attend these educational events, whether in-person or online. Med spa education events are a great way to inform the community, its leaders, and your client base (past, present, and future) of the importance of Med spa to each person’s health. Your call to action is what seals the deal!

Rising to #1 with Med Spa Marketing

The medical spa industry is a highly competitive field of medicine. As a dermatologist, you went to school to learn a specific area of study so that you could deliver specialized care – your focus should never lose sight of how hard you worked for this title.

When it comes to Med spa marketing, you have three options:

  1. Market your med spa yourself
  2. Assign a team member the additional workload of marketing your business
  3. Outsource marketing for your medical spa to a professional digital marketing agency specializing in marketing your services

When you market your med spa yourself, you risk missing out on great opportunities. When assigning to a team member, you risk your brand’s voice getting lost in translation and missing out on potentially great opportunities. When you work with digital marketing professionals, not only is your brand voice on point, but you also gain access to opportunities you didn’t even know existed!

Are you ready to take the next step toward effective medical spa marketing for your business? Let a professional digital marketing agency review your current marketing strategy and determine where you are missing out. Digital marketing professionals can help you create an effective marketing strategy that will help you obtain new patients, reengage former patients, and help retain your existing ones!


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